Nippon Maritime Display's marine nameplates utilize simple processes and systemization to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. From the planning, production to the shipbuilding phases.

Simple and Fast Process. No Mistake Allowed.

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NMD's nameplates are printed on-demand, using digital data and no prepress. The simplicity of the process allows for shorter turnaround times. Even in the case of urgent additional orders, as long as the data is available, we can respond quickly.

In addition, we use an AutoCAD-based system to automatically draw nameplates based on electronic data, so there will be no mistake in text characters.

The combination of simple and speedy printing technology and a flexible system allows the nameplate design process to be finalized quickly. This eliminates the wasted effort of revisions and the risk of producing the wrong product.

Streamlining, at Every Stage.

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Each ship has 1,500 to 2,000 nameplates. NMD has systemized the entire production management of nameplates to reduce production errors and loss.

If you are a shipbuilder, you can improve efficiency with NMD in all aspects of your building process, from design, inventory management to the construction.

Why don't you take full advantage of NMD plates which require no cost increase for additional colors and texts, by printing for instance part-specific information (ship number, installation location, and item number etc.) on plates. This prevents misuse and confusion in the field, and takes your pickup, storage and delivery management and job management to a higher level.

Of course, by automating the creation of nameplate drawings with AutoCAD, we can also reduce our production costs. We are working on developing a web-based system that will save even more labor for both us and our customers.

Color-coordinate Valve Plate & Handle

By using the same or similar color for the valve handle and the nameplate, you can increase the visibility and make it easier to paint the valve handle. The handle painting can even be omitted.

Print Additional Info in the Hidden Area

Add ship number, specification sheet name etc. in the hidden area to facilitate inventory management. Print zone name or plate size to make installation work on site faster and more accurate.