This page describes the scope and features of our 3D-MDS (3D-Maritime Design Service) related services. Our extensive experience in retrofitting engineering will be of great help to ship owners and ship managers.

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Front-Runner For Retrofit-Engineering

Nippon Maritime Display was established in 2003. By the introduction of an on-demand printing system for the first time to the field of ship nameplate production, which had previously relied on manual work by craftsmen, the company has established itself as one of the companies with the largest share of the ship nameplate market in Japan, a country known for shipbuilding.

We entered the field of equipment retrofit engineering for ships in 2015, 2 years before the coming into force of the IMO's Ballast Water Management Convention. Today, we are known as one of the leading retrofit engineering companies in Japan.

based on data as of August, 2021.

Nippon Maritime Display is an independent engineering company, so we are not dependent on a specific equipment manufacturer as our competitors may be. In addition, we have a close relationship with many shipyards through the delivery of nameplates.

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By taking advantage of these features, we have been able to grow as one of the leaders in the industry. As of October 2021, our staffs include more than 20 engineers who have experience working at major shipyards in Japan. We have provided our design/engineering services for 150 BWMS retrofit projects, as well as for 60 EGCS projects through 6 offices in Japan and China. Our clients include major shipping companies and independent owners based in Japan and other countries.

3D-MDS Process

3D-MDS begins with a 3D scan of the current state of the ship using photographs and a 3D laser scanner.

The resulting 3D point cloud data, which has a high accuracy of ±2mm, is then used for 3D modeling to determine the outline design of the BWMS and EGCS equipment layout using VR technology. NMD currently uses AutoCAD Plant 3D 2020 X, Autodesk Recap Pro X and Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2020 X.

By modeling the inside of funnels, or engine rooms with high precision, it is possible to design general equipment arrangement and piping diagram prior to installation of equipment without having to worry about measurement errors and deviations between drawings and current conditions.

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Scope of Services

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3D-MDS Advantages

NMD's 3D-MDS can contribute to shipyards, manufacturers and ship owners by reducing costs and time.

We specialize in the maritime industry, and our engineering is performed by staff with specialized experience.

We are not bound by any particular manufacturer, and can propose the most suitable system and support specified equipment in a one-stop service.

Highly Flexible Simulations
  • 3D data and panoramic VR to reproduce the current situation
  • Sharing the same retrofit images among related parties
Super Accurate & Precise Data
  • Error of the synthesized point cloud 3D model is ±2mm
  • Detailed verification from any angle
Cost + Loss Reduction
  • Reduce design man-hours and dock costs with 3D CAD
  • Reduce losses due to design changes or part additions
Smooth & Speedy
  • Speedy delivery by short lead time
  • Smooth creation of modification drawings

Retrofitting BWMS - An Easy Thing to Do?

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No. Retrofitting ballast water treatment systems (BWMS) to existing ships is not an easy task. It is a complex international project including planning, coordination, designing, scheduling, procurement, implementation, and administration, involving many parties at various locations.

Given the nature of commercial ships, experience and knowledge in the field of shipping and engineering are both crucial to avoid extra costs for the account of ship owners.

About EGCS Retrofitting

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Another issue that is becoming a major concern is the prevention of air pollution due to sulfur content.

With the implementation of the 0.5% SOx regulation by MEPC70 in 2020, shipping companies are faced with the choice of shifting to compliant fuels, alternative fuels, or installing EGCS equipment such as SOx scrubbers.

SOx scrubbers have the great advantage of being able to use inexpensive C fuel oil, and are not affected by the supply of compatible fuels. On the other hand, there are technical issues that need to be resolved before retrofitting, such as securing the installation space and controlling system for the scrubber effluent.

Immediate 3D Scanning on Ships with Busy Schedules

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There is no doubt that it would be ideal to complete the entire process at once, but ships are "living things". For a variety of reasons, such as vessel allocation, charterer's intention, nature of cargoes or docking schedule, it is not always possible to take measurements at a convenient location or at a convenient time.

Consider the option of performing 3D scanning to check the current status of the ship first, so quick actions can be taken at the most convenient time. This will make the rest of the process much easier.

We Offer You Our Experienced Supervisors on Site

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We are aware that your technical department may be short of manpower. We also need to consider that experience in retrofitting is key for a precise and efficient installation work.

Engineers must take the right decisions under complex circumstances such as different types of ships, different hull forms, different equipment manufacturers, and different shipyards. Otherwise, unexpected troubles and mistakes may occur.

To meet those needs, NMD has started "Supervising Service". Our supervisors will be dispatched to the shipyard from the start of the installation work to provide supervision and guidance on behalf of the ship manager.

Our experience in this field, which is one of the best in the Far East, enables us to reduce the total burden on your technical department and superintendents. This will contribute to your cost and time savings.

Despite the global restrictions on movement due to COVID-19, NMD can provide its services in various locations.

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