This page explains the product features of NMD's film products that use our sublimation thermal transfer technology.

Same Advantages on Different Material

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The principle is the same for both our film and metal products. Images are created on a computer and printed on special transfer paper using an inkjet printer.

The image is then fixed to the clear layer (dyed layer) of the laminated film using a vacuum crimping machine. Due to the light transmittance characteristic of dye sublimation ink, the image is clear and has excellent color reproduction.

As with metal products, our film product has excellent weatherability, water resistance, and environmental friendliness.

Covers All the IMO Symbol Marks

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The NMD stickers have a luminescent base and covers all kinds of symbols - including the newest ones - established by IMO.

Fire extinguisher capacity and other texts can be changed or added.

Images are for reference only. For actual examples of the product in use, please visit product photo gallery.

Leading Characteristics

Item Description
Film Type Photoluminescent Film
Material PET
Use IMO-compliant Symbol Stickers
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  • Remove dirt (dust) and oil from the surface before applying the film.
  • Due to the characteristics of the materials, the initial adhesion strength is not strong. It will reach its normal strength with the passage of time (about a week). Also, please note that it may be difficult to adhere during the cold winter months.

IMO Symbols Online Catalog

Here is the online catalog of IMO symbols, where you can easily check the sizes, part numbers, and names of all IMO symbol types. Clicking on the button below will take you to the online catalog page (an external site hosted by one of our group companies).