A company that evolves alongside its customers

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Since its establishment in September 2003, Nippon Maritime Display Co., Ltd. (NMD) has been developing its business with the missions of "Evolve the ship through new technology", "Contribute to the protection of environment" and "Focus on our customer's needs."

Today, we are concentrating on 3 areas :

  1. Ship Nameplates
  2. Marine Engineering, and
  3. New Businesses.
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In the ship nameplate sector, NMD was the first company in Japan to use "sublimation thermal dye transfer" printing technology for ship marking products. Since then, we have been providing products with durability, weather-resistance and visibility to the shipyards and shipowners.

As of August 2021, we have supplied more than 2,000 ships with our products - color valve nameplates, aluminum drawings plates, IMO symbols stickers, etc.- using our manufacturing technology. We are now working on a web-based IMO symbol ordering system that will allow ship owners in and out of Japan to easily place orders.

And on shore too, we have expanded our sales channels beyond marine use : unique examples include QR code printed tags for sandbags to store contaminated soil, used in Fukushima prefecture after the nuclear disaster in 2011.

We strive to offer the best product for the purpose and location of use, and to manufacture each and every nameplate as carefully and quickly as possible.

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In the second field we entered in 2015, the marine engineering business, we have secured a solid position as an independent engineering firm for retrofitting work related to the installation of ballast water treatment system (BWMS) and exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) including SOx scrubbers.

The service we offer is a total engineering service. Utilizing 3D digital technology at an optimal level, we privide our clients with highly accurate spacial measurement data and customized design plan, as well as additional services to help shipowners and shipyards, including supervisor dispatching or commissioning supports.

Our track record speaks for itself. As of August 2021, we have provided BWMS engineering to 150 vessels, SOx scrubber engineering to 60 vessels, and supervising services to 35 vessels. For measurements (including explosion-proof measurements) alone, the number of vessels exceeds 200.

For the new businesses, I cannot reveal the details yet. I can only promise that in near future we will start new businesses that will certainly be as exciting for you as it is for us !

We hope to be a company that evolves alongside its customers. We keep focusing on your needs by continuously refining ourself, improving our quality and offering new technologies.

Thank you for your continued patronage !

Motoki Toyama

President, Nippon Maritime Display Co., Ltd.