This page provides an overview of our Retrofitting Supervision Service.

We Take Care of the Necessary Operations and Supervision at the Installation Site.

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Whether it is a ballast water treatment system (BWMS) or a SOx scrubber, retrofitting the equipment is a rather special and tedious task that can take a great amount of time. In these days when there is a shortage of manpower even for ordinary engineering management, the efforts required to take on this "extra work" by the management team on-site can become quite significant.

So, NMD started a service to help them, by which our experienced engineers can be dispatched to the shipyard from the start of the retrofit installation work to provide supervision on behalf of the shipowner.

In addition to assuring that the necessary equipment is installed according to the drawings and that the system can be operated properly, our supervisors can support a comprehensive range of retrofit-related tasks such as explaining and communicating with equipment manufacturers, classification society officers, ship crew and dockyard staffs, thereby reducing the total burden on the shipowner's engineering department and supervisors.

Despite the global restrictions on movement due to COVID-19, NMD can provide our services in various locations.

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Safe + Reliable + Cost Saver

Retrofitting involves many variables, such as the type of ship, design, equipment to be installed, manufacturer, and shipyard where the retrofitting will be done - and it is common for ship managers to get stuck in unexpected troubles.

The equipment manufacturer's engineer will not take care of the ship-side equipment piping, which is not arranged by them.

Having an experienced and professional supervisor on site, who can stand in the shipowner's shoes, can not only prevent problems and mistakes, but also reduce required time and costs.

Two plans - basic and full support - are available. Choose the best option according to your situation.

Know-How That Only Front-Runners Possess

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We have developed our technology and accumulated our unique know-how through the participation in numerous retrofit installation projects with various manufacturers and shipyards.

For example, our unique "SV Support System". By using a tablet with our own software installed, the system provides an environment that allows our and your engineers and managers to refer directly to 3D drawings, detailed drawings, and parts drawings on the spot without any hassle. This system enables quicker work at the site and contributes to reducing errors.

We deliver peace of mind that is not dependent on an individual's level of experience or knowledge.

Advantages Backed by our Proven Track Record

Extensive design and supervision experience
  • Top-class achievements in Japan
  • for BWMS as well as EGCS
Covers a wide range of equipment manufacturers
  • Not specializing in particular maker
  • Available at shipyards around the world
Covers a wide range of ships and classes
  • Any type of merchant ship is acceptable
  • Any major international classification society
Deep knowledge in core and related areas
  • Knowledge on ship design and ship operation
  • Familiar with shipping & shipbuilding practices

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