This page introduces Nippon Maritime Display's 3D-MDS BWMS retrofit engineering service.

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Front-Runner in BWMS Retrofitting

Nippon Maritime Display has personnel with design experience in shipyards and in-depth knowledge of ship operation and practices.

We provide detailed support at every stage of the retrofit installation process, from 3D scanning, equipment selection, arrangement simulations, class approval, basic and detailed designing.

We are not bound to any particular equipment or manufacturer, and can freely select the most suitable system for each ship from a wide range of options.

Thanks to our customers' appreciation of these points, our track record as of August 2021 has reached 150 vessels. This is one of the top class achievements in Japan.

We are further improving our services by feeding back the knowledge we have gained through various experiences.

Any Ship, Any Brand

Statistics as of January, 2021.

Welcome to the Trouble-Free BWMS Retrofitting

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There are many 'variables' in a BWMS retrofit. Even though the tasks seem to be essentially the same, great care must be taken in designing and installing works.

It is crucial to select the most suitable system based on a proper understanding of each ship's size, internal layout, characteristics, and mode of operation, as well as to ensure the best possible design complying with all the applicable regulations.

Also, since the project involves many people from different positions and locations, it is important to provide support to ensure smooth operations among the parties. Flexibility in dealing with different conditions is the key.

In order to avoid losing valuable time and money for any mistakes or accidents, NMD will support you throughout the installation process, until the retrofit is completed.

NMD Advantages


By taking advantage of our position as an independent engineering company, we will always propose the best system from a wide range of options.


One-stop support that covers every stage of the process, from measurement, model selection, general design, class approval, and detailed design.


Powerful technical capabilities in initial layout study design to maximize the use of 3DVR technology.


We work for tankers, bulkers and any type of merchant ships, with the world's first marine explosion-proof 3D scanner.


Strong track record in BWMS retrofit engineering, EGCS retrofitting and 3D scanning.


Top class know-how gained through experiences with many systems and ship types.


Personnel with expertise in ship design, management and operation will make proposals tailored to you based on the situation of each ship and customer.

Immediate 3D Scanning on Ships with Busy Schedules

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There is no doubt that it would be ideal to complete the entire process at once, but it is not always possible to take measurements at a convenient location or at a convenient time.

There is also an option of taking 3D scanning to check the current status of the ship first, when the situations allow you, so that you can act quickly when the time comes. It'll make the rest of your process much easier.

You May Have Our Experienced Supervisors On Site

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We know your technical department might be short of manpower. In addition, experience in retrofitting is also important for the installation work.

Therefore, NMD has started "Supervising Service". Our supervisors will be dispatched to the shipyard from the start of the installation work to provide supervision and guidance on behalf of the ship manager.

Despite the global restrictions on movement due to COVID-19, NMD can provide its services in various locations.

Contact Us

For inquiry about our 3D-MDS engineering service, please contact us at: 3dmdsmail .