Ships are often referred to as factories floating on the sea. And naturally, you find a variety of nameplates there. In the past, nameplates used to be made by different suppliers according to materials and manufacturing methods, and delivered to the shipyard independently.

Now, you can order all the nameplates at once and control the design and delivery time of each item, in a systematic way. Of course, they are full-color and highly durable.

New Generation of Onboard Marking

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Do you remember when it became commonplace to be able to instantly print a full-color document with a single click on your computer?

The elimination of the plate-making process has dramatically streamlined the processing of printed materials. Moreover, the new technology had expanded the application of printing technology beyond paper, from advertisements in the streets and exhibitions in museums, to home appliances and various industrial and electronic products.

NMD has applied the latest in marking technology to ships. Using sublimation thermal transfer technology, images on a computer are printed directly onto metal or film. The range of applications is wide, including nameplates, as well as ship drawings for posting, IMO symbol marks, and even ship nameplates.

In addition to excellent basic performance, we also offer a total service system that responds to the unique characteristics of ship products, which greatly improves the burden of ordering nameplates, collection and delivery, and construction management.

No.1 in Japan - Sales Record Speaking For Itself

Since the start of sales in 2003, NMD's ship nameplates have been steadily increasing their delivery record. Today, We estimate that about 30% of new ocean-going ships in Japan use our nameplates. More than 2,300 ships are equipped with our nameplates.

Quality that You Can Rely On (Even in the Middle of the Ocean)

Exposed areas on ships, especially on deck, are very harsh environments for printed materials. NMD's metal nameplates have excellent weatherability, durability, and corrosion resistance with the resin coating that protects the metal surface well. The small environmental impact, freedom of design, and high visibility make them ideal as marine materials.



The resin-coating provides good protection to the metal surface. Excellent weather / corrosion / rust / abrasion resistance.



There are no restrictions on color or design. Highly visible and you can add text as you need.



No chemical treatment processes needed. Inks are free of lead, copper, or other harmful substances..

Save Wisely - WIthout Item Loss / Storage Mess

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Our ship nameplates are printed digitally on demand. We also have our own system to reduce costs and streamline the process by automating the creation and editing of nameplate production data.

Compared to traditional methods, it not only responds to customer requests faster, but also reduces product loss in all phases of production, storage, and construction. By minimizing on-site storage needs, it also helps shipyards and manufacturers improve their management efficiency.

A Wide lineup of the right materials for the right job

In addition to the standard items such as valve nameplates and caution nameplates, we offer a wide range of materials that are best suited for each application. A combination of metal and film products can cover all kinds of signs on board. Of course, it is also ideal for marine equipment aboard ships.

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Metal Materials

Metal materials include aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Regardless of the material, you can order and manage all kinds of nameplates under one system. It is a total solution that replaces conventional metal nameplates and acrylic plates.


Film Material

For more information about IMO phosphorescent stickers and other film products, please visit our Film Products page

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